or: Missing the point
Public services and risk-taking

January 2023

I performed: very badly

December 2022

Happy Festivus; I hope your aluminium poles are looking metallic and uniform. Unfortunately, I was strongly advised not to publish a post airing my…
Sam Bowman is a master poaster, surpassed perhaps only by dril and (of course) the Donald. I am a mere mortal, unable to poast at anything close to his…
There’s irregular, and then there’s irregular. Not posting any ‘monthly’ linksposts since March is the latter. Woops. Many of these are quite a bit…

October 2022

Physicists still don't understand Bell

September 2022

A slightly new perspective on drinking whiskey
From a pro-growth, supply-side perspective
I'd love for you to get involved, but you probably shouldn't

August 2022

[This post is less polished than normal—it’s a slightly tidied-up Facebook comment I made in response to a friend’s post about disliking Robert Burns…
Jacob T. Levy, Oxford University Press, 2015